BUS Weekly Review | S&P500 Over Priced | Bond Market | Kerry’s Cheat Sheet

BUS Weekly Review | S&P500 Over Priced | Bond Market | Kerry's Cheat Sheet

In this video, join me for an in-depth discussion and analysis of bonds, treasury bills, and the TLT fund with special guests Mark, Paul, and Trent. We dive into topics like:

– How bonds work and the inverse relationship between bond yields and prices
– Strategies for buying treasury bills directly through your brokerage account
– The differences between holding individual bonds vs. bond funds like TLT
– How institutions trade bond ETFs and profit from yield curve changes
– Using technical analysis to determine good entry and exit points for TLT
– Why bonds tend to rise when stocks fall, and how to allocate bonds in a portfolio
– The importance of having an income-focused portion of your investment accounts

Whether you’re new to bond investing or a seasoned pro, this conversation provides valuable insights into the often confusing world of fixed income securities. We analyze historical charts showing how stocks and bonds tend to move inversely, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

Tune in to hear our takes on where bond yields and stock indexes may be headed, and how you can capitalize on these moves in your own portfolio. Join the lively discussion as we share our personal experiences and answer common questions about using bonds and bond funds for income, diversification, and potential capital appreciation. #BondInvesting
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