Crypto Price Warning 🚨 … Crypto Under Attack

Crypto Price Warning 🚨 ... Crypto Under Attack

Urgent crypto price warning following Jerome Powell’s FOMC interest rate meeting! With the fed deciding to keep jacking up interests rates unfortunately this does mean problems for stocks and the crypto market so this is a price warning for Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins.

Now even though I do think the next bull run in crypto will be the biggest one yet, in the shorter term.. say… the next 6 months… it’s now more likely than not we’ll be getting a bigger crash in the stock market and crypto.

In this video we will be looking at:
0:00 – Intro
1:17 – The Feds Dilemma
4:26 – Crypto Price Predictions
6:35 – The Plan
10:42 – Final Advice

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