Ethereum To Crash 50% 🚨 – Defimageddon

Ethereum To Crash 50% 🚨 - Defimageddon

There could be an event coming our way which could crash Ethereum’s price by 50% in a matter of days. ’m calling this event DeFimageddon. DeFi so far has largely been left alone by the SEC as they’re currently focused on attacking the centralised exchanges of Coinbase & Binance.

However in this video I’m going to explain why I think its only a matter of time until the SEC gaze turns towards the world of Decentralised Finance and as Ethereum is the most dominant player making up 57% of the market share, it will be Ethereum and anything linked to Ethereum including Optimism, Arbitrum and Polygon that will be hit even harder.

In this video we will be looking at:
0:00 – Intro
1:26 – My Background
2:41 – AML & KYC
4:59 – What’s The Problem?
7:08 – Next Crypto Crash?
7:46 – The 3 Scenario’s
9:26 – The Good News!
10:37 – SuperThanks Commenting


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