Making Bitcoin Part of Your Portfolio | Global Debt Explosion | Job Numbers

Making Bitcoin Part of Your Portfolio | Global Debt Explosion | Job Numbers

In this episode of the “Two Regular Guys Show,” Trent and Mark discuss the potential of adding Bitcoin to your investment portfolio as a hedge against the devaluation of the dollar and rising inflation. They explore the growing interest in Bitcoin spot ETFs and the increasing adoption by institutions, sovereign countries, and companies.

The hosts also delve into the global debt crisis, focusing on the United States and Japan as the biggest holders of debt. They examine the implications of the U.S. adding a trillion dollars in debt every 100 days and the potential consequences of rising interest rates.

Lastly, Trent and Mark analyze the discrepancies in job reports from the establishment survey, household survey, and ADP report. They discuss the importance of looking beyond the headline numbers and considering factors such as part-time jobs and the birth-death model.

Join the Two Regular Guys as they navigate the complexities of the current financial landscape and share their insights on Bitcoin, global debt, and employment numbers. Don’t miss this informative episode!

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