Control Your Tax Rate In Retirement

Control Your Tax Rate In Retirement

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In the course, you will get 10 hours of instructional video and dozens of forms and worksheets to help you learn How to Optimize Your Financial Resources and Create a More Confident Plan For Your Retirement!

Here are just a few things that you will learn in our course…
1. Organize Your Finances
– Prioritize which Financial Goals are most important to you.
– Create a detailed Retirement Expense Budget.
– Map your Cash Flow to understand your Gaps.

2. Understand And Organize Your Retirement Resources
– When to collect Social Security.
– How to decide between a Lump Sum and a Monthly Pension.
– Choosing retirement healthcare options, including Medicare.

3. Create Your Retirement Withdrawal Strategy
– Which accounts to Withdraw From First.
– How much should you keep in your Cash Accounts?
– Plan for Required Minimum Distributions.

4. Create Your Retirement Tax Plan
– Will you be in a Higher or Lower Tax Bracket in Retirement?
– Should you Convert to Roth IRA?
– What accounts should you be contributing to?

5. And More!

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